OSVault is a standard Network Attached Storage (NAS) system with unique benefits:

  • It never fills up;

  • It never loses your data; and

  • It never stops

The OSVault server appliance is the network gateway for both your online and near line storage. Data can be accessed regardless of where it resides within the OSVault environment, whether on tape, optical disk or network storage. Customers can dynamically increase their high speed storage by simply adding an iSCSI expansion module.

The OSVault server appliance contains all necessary hardware and software to deploy a complete storage appliance from OS Storage. Additionally, two OSVault servers can be configured in a highly available configuration (cluster) to ensure even higher availability.

The OSVault server is available in two basic configurations:

3U (5.25inch high) chassis

5U (8.75inch high) chassis.

The 3U can internally contain up to 32TBytes of raw disk storage, while the 5U configuration can contain up to 48TBytes of raw disk storage internally. Both OSVault server configurations can have their high speed storage dynamically expanded by the installation of a iSCSI expansion system.

OSVault provides the most robust implementation available today to ensure long term, secure, permanent storage of your mission critical and archival data. With support for LTO-3 and LTO-4 tapes providing for 20+ years of secure storage and support for Blu-Ray optical technology providing up to 50 years of secure storage, OSVault is an unparalleled solution for cost effective, long term data storage.


  • 3U or 5U Rack Mount Chassis

  • Dual Xeon 5160 Processors

  • 16GB 800MHz Reg. ECC FBDIMM Memory

  • Up to 32TBytes Built-in, Usable RAID-6 Disk Storage

  • Slim Line ATAPI 8x Dual Layer DVD-RW

  • Quad  Intel® 82563EB Gigabit Ethernet

  • Adaptec U320 SCSI Controller

  • LSI Logic Dual Channel 4Gb Fibre HBA (option)

  • Redundant Power Supplies

Features and Benefits



Quad Gigabit Ethernet

  • Allows for configuring link aggregation for up to 320 Mbytes/second of network access speeds and failover in the event of a link failure

16GBytes Memory

  • Besides providing for high sustained network performance, also allows for creation of Blu-Ray optical WORM media with extremely large directory structures.

Redundant Power Supplies

  • Server can be configured to continue operation during power failures or during a power supply failure

RAID-6 Storage

  • Allows for secure storage of recently written data, with the ability of the server to continue operations even after TWO concurrent disk failures. Full redundancy recover can be done in less than 10 hours while operations continue.

Dual Processors

  • Optimizes performance so that tape and optical disk operations do not impact network performance

Builtin SCSI Controller

  • Allows for current or future connection of LTO tape libraries from QualStar or SpectraLogic or Blu-Ray optical libraries from DISC/NSM (100 to 700 slot), ASACA (250 to 1450 slot)

OSVault Software

  • Provides transparent network access to store or retrieve files, whether stored on high-speed disk, tape or optical storage. Also allows for copying and restoring of files from local or remote storage centers.

  • Provides for single or multiple copies of files on physically separate media for secure storage

  • Supports both LTO tape and Blu-Ray optical (BD-R and BD-RE) for long term, permanent storage of archival data.

Network Accessiblility

  • Server can provide file storage services over the network to Microsoft Windows, Apple MacIntosh, LINUX, Solaris, and HP-UX systems via FTP, CIFS, NFS, SFTP protocols.

Web Administration

  • Lights out operation for the server. All administrative functions can be performed remotely from any common web browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera.


  • Server can automatically install new software directly from OSStorage repositories or manually via download/transfer.

Phone Home Support

  • Alarm notification and daily support snapshot can be configured to go to in-house or OSStorage personnel for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Open Formats

  • All of your data is stored in industry-standard, open formats such as ISO-9660, UDF, TAR, and XFS. This ensures that you can always get to your data without depending on a proprietary format only supported by a single company.





Integrated I/O Ports

Quad Gigabit Ethernet (1000BaseT)



Eight Gigabit Ethernet



Storage Scalability

Minimum Highspeed Disk Storage



Maximum Highspeed Disk Storage



Minimum Online Optical Storage

5TBytes (100 50GB Blu-Ray)

5TBytes (100 50GB Blu-Ray)

Maximum Online Optical Storage



Minimum Online Tape Storage

8.8TBytes uncompressed

8.8TBytes uncompressed

Maximum Online Tape Storage

211TBytes uncompressed

211TBytes uncompressed

Supported Disk Storage Expansion

OSVault iSCSI Expansion

48TByte Low cost or 32TByte High Availability options (up to 4 expansions)

48TByte Low cost or 32TByte High Availability options (up to 4 expansions)

Other iSCSI and Fibre Channel Arrays

Contact OSStorage for verification

Contact OSStorage for verification

Supported Tape Libraries


RLS-8236/8244, TLS-8211/8222/8433/8466/88132/88264

RLS-8236/8244, TLS-8211/8222/8433/8466/88132/88264


Spectra T950, T680, T380, T200, T120, T50e

Spectra T950, T680, T380, T200, T120, T50e

Supported Optical Libraries


AM-250BD, AM750BD, AM1450BD

AM-250BD, AM750BD, AM1450BD



Media Carousel PowerDrive

Media Carousel PowerDrive

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperatures

10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F); at ≤ 3,000 m (at ≤ 10,000 ft) elevation; 20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing (28°C wet bulb temperature)

10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F); at ≤ 3,000 m (at ≤ 10,000 ft) elevation; 20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing (28°C wet bulb temperature)

Optimal Media Storage Temps

70 degrees F, 40% rel. humid.

70 degrees F, 40% rel. humid.

Electrical Specifications

AC Power

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

Typical Wattage



Maximum Wattage



Power cords

2 (NEMA 15 by default)

4 (NEMA 15 by default)

Power supplies

2 load balanced (1 required to boot and run)

4 load balanced (3 required to boot, 2 required to run)

Physical Specifications

Weight (max.)

75 lbs.

160 lbs.


5.2 inches



16.9 inches

16.9 inches


26 inches

26 inches


FCC class B, UL, CE

FCC class B, UL, CE