OSVault is the software engine that drives all appliance solutions offered by OS Storage. OSVault is built on the Linux Operating System. OSVault controls all functions of our storage appliances from user access controls, and security to data staging and near line migration. More information about OSVault can be found in our Documentation and our data sheet.

InfiniDisc Is the workgroup implementation of OSVault for networked migration of data.

Features at a Glance:

  • Multi Tier Storage System

  • Integrated High Performance Online RAID and Near Line Archive

  • Transparently Migrates Data from Online RAID to Near Line Archive.

  • Open Standards Support. SMB, CIFS, NFS, FTP, AFP, HTTP

  • Client Support -Microsoft® Windows®, XP/200X, Mac OS9/X®, UNIX® , Linux®

  • Migration Policies. Minutes/Hours/Days/Year - Purge / No Purge Option. 

  • Removable Media Support: Blu Ray, DVD and LTO

  • Media File System Format: - UDF, ISO and TAR file systems

  • Volume Grouping

  • Replication - Volume Snapshot - Double Copy
    Media Export. Single media or magazine export

  • Security -Share permission, File permission, Active Directory

  • Encryption.  AES, Serpent, - Twofish

  • Administration. WEB or CLI.
    High Availability Clustering

High Availability Configuration