When you need truly massive amounts of archival there is no better choice than LTO technology. Storing up to 800GB's per cartridge LTO delivers unmatched storage capacity. Coupled with OSVault delivers the largest network accessible tape archive in the industry. data sheet

The OSVault Tape Archive allows for the transparent copying of stored files to LTO-3 or LTO-4 tape cartridges, while retaining the most recent data on high speed disk. Support for multiple copies to physically separate tapes is also provided.


LTO - Rewritable

LTO-WORM - Write Once

Media capacity

Up to 800GB (LTO-4 Native)

Data transfer rate

Up to 120MB/s

Media Life Span:

30 Years


5 Terabytes  to 2.5 Petabytes

# of Drives:


Exchange Time:

11 seconds average



Drive MTBF:

20,000 loads

Drive Interface:

LVD SCSI or Fibre Channel

Robotics Interface:

LVD SCSI or Fibre Channel