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About Us


OSS Vault empowers you with an end-to-end Network Attached Storage (NAS) system and a simple user interface for greater efficiency and robust API capability for freedom & flexibility.


OSS Infinidisc is designed for media assets, combining the power and speed of public cloud with the control and security of your private data center, all at a low fixed rate with zero data movement charges.

Cloud Pricing

See how OSS Infinidisc is less expensive than other cloud options.

Open systems and open formats has been our driving inspiration since 2005.

Tim Sesow – Founder & CTO


Over 20 Years of Archiving Data for Media & Broadcasting

OSS archiving solutions deploys an economical, user-friendly tiered storage infrastructure so you can confidently organize, store, and manage your data the way you want to

We combine cost-effective storage hardware with open sourced, non-proprietary software to give you freedom and flexibility for the entire lifecycle of your assets.