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OSS Infinidisc


Cloud Archive

Infinidisc-Cloud offers easy, affordable, and readily accessible cloud storage to customers who need cost-effective and secure cloud storage for their critical media assets. OSS’s dedicated solutions engineers handle all inbound data migration from any legacy archive source (on-premises or cloud), simplifying the process for your team.

With top industry-standard security protocols and truly the lowest cost in the industry, Infinidisc-Cloud paves the way for radically transparent, simple, and valuable cloud archiving for customers.

OSS Vault

Vault-Systems (Vault-S)

Media Archive System

Vault-S offers a wide range of secure, scalable storage infrastructure tailored to your business requirements. These products are designed to power your systems across the digital workflow with the ability to work together and independently. Vault-S can be designed as one, two or four-rack online servers with low-cost, reliable, long-term data storage options using tape libraries as well as hybrid cloud-native archiving.

Vault-Manager (Vault-M)

Media Archive Software

Vault-M is an agile digital asset management and workflow orchestration platform designed to help businesses of all sizes manage and organize large volumes of data with ease. With Vault-M, you can quickly and easily store, manage, and distribute assets across many types of storage architectures, from post-production to deep archiving (SAN, NAS, Object, Tape, Cloud, Hybrid).

Our simple and intuitive interface grants you unified user experience with real-time performance monitoring and reporting, proactive alerts, and content-aware workflow management.

Vault-M is fully agnostic to any MAM, DAM, or PAM, protecting your assets and allowing you freedom and flexibility to integrate into your current production management application with ability to shift should your business choose to in the future.

Vault-Virtual (Vault-V)

Virtual Archive System

Vault-V integrates a virtual machine environment, allowing multiple operating systems to run on a single physical machine, giving you full support for Vault products in a VM space (VMWare®, Hyper-V®, Other).

One of the primary benefits of integrating Vault-V is cost savings. Vault-V can help reduce your hardware and maintenance costs by eliminating multiple on-premises machines, as well as reduce energy consumption and space requirements.

Furthermore, Vault-V is expanding its capabilities to integrate the latest advancements in AI, machine learning, and other emerging technologies. By integrating these technologies into Vault-V’s environment, businesses can create intelligent systems that optimize performance, automate tasks, and monetize digital assets.






Server Features

Tape Library Features







No complexity. No hidden fees.
Designed for the media & entertainment industry.

Minimum of 100TB

Want to save even more on storing your data?
Ask us about Reserved Capacity option

OSS Vault Media Archive System

OSS Vault is a media storage platform that combines easy to set up NAS or virtualized LTFS architecture with an open-sourced archive manager and robust API capability. It is the optimal platform for multimedia data, providing flexible and affordable storage options. Whether your storage needs are NAS/SAN, virtual machines, or cloud storage, OSS Vault gives freedom and flexibility for data mobility, protection and performance. OSS Vault Architecture Example:

OSS Vault Features

OSS Infinidisc

Private Cloud Storage

OSS Infinidisc provides no hassle private cloud-based storage with premium support at a fixed rate with zero data movement charges.


With two options – pay-as-you-go or reserved storage – OSS Infinidisc enables you to acquire private hot cloud storage that is comparable to AWS S3 Standard at a fraction of the cost. OSS Infinidisc is a natural addition to your on-premises storage. 


Whether you have Gigabytes to Petabytes, we have the solution for you.

Exceptionally Easy and Affordable Private Cloud for Media Assets

No Complex Storage Tier Structure

Fast & Secure

Zero Egress Fees

See how AWS S3, Azure, & Google Cloud

stack up against OSS Infinidisc:
Storage ($GB/Month) $0.008 $0.021 $0.017+112% $0.023+188%
IngrTransferess & Egress Date ($/GB) Free $0.05 $0.04 $0.08


Data Center Specs:

OSS Secure Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Backup & Recovery

OSS Secure Backup & Disaster Recovery protects your critical files and enables business continuity. Seamlessly protect your Server, NAS, and workstations by adding replication directly into OSS Private Cloud Backup tier.

OSS Managed Services & Support

Support Solutions

OSS Managed Services & Support  Provides proactive, secure and cost-effective management of your storage architecture and media asset archival platform.

Our IT architects and support engineers continuously monitor the health and status of all installed systems, often identifying issues in a customer’s site and handling the corrective solution before our customers even realize there was an issue.

We designed our managed services & support to maintain operational excellence and enable you to grow and evolve your storage infrastructure without having to invest in highly trained in-house experts.


The Value of OSS Managed Services &

24/7 Proactive Monitoring &

Minimized Risk of Operational Downtime