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OSS Vault

Media Archive System

OSS Vault empowers you with an end-to-end Network Attached Storage (NAS) system and a simple user interface for greater efficiency and robust API capability for freedom & flexibility.

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OSS Infinidisc

Private Cloud Storage

OSS Infinidisc lets you combine the power and speed of public cloud with the control and security of your private data center, all at a fixed rate with zero data movement charges. That’s right, zero charges for ingress or egress charges.

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OSS Vault

With an open-sourced archive manager and robust API capability, OSS Vault brings you an optimal archival platform for your multimedia data. Our flexible and affordable pre-configured hardware and archive manager grant you proactive monitoring & top-tier support for your team.

OSS Vault Features

OSS Infinidisc provides no hassle private cloud-based storage with premium support at a fixed rate with zero data movement charges.

With two options – pay-as-you-go or reserved storage – OSS Infinidisc enables you to acquire private online or nearline storage that is comparable to AWS S3 Standard at a fraction of the cost. OSS Infinidisc is a natural addition to your on-premises storage. 

Whether you have Terabytes to Petabytes, we have the solution for you.

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Exceptionally easy and affordable private cloud for media assets

No complexity. No hidden fees.
Designed for the media & entertainment industry.

$8.99 Storage ($/TB/Month)
Zero Egress Fees (Unlimited)

$21.00 Storage ($/TB/Month)
$50.00 Egress Fees ($/TB)

Want to save even more on storing your data?
Ask us about Reserved Capacity option

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